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At the core of Diane Rieger's work is a profound love and respect for nature, both above and below the water. 

Her use of lush colors and rich details in her art are her way of interpreting the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us. From studying Maria Sibylla Merian and John James Audubon in Fine art and Botanical painting training, to majoring in Zoology and Marine Biology, Diane paints by paying attention to realism while highlighting the intricacies of the cosmos in her own style.

Working using dimensional glazes, oils and acrylics, Diane is able to create textures by layering her mediums. One can often find themselves immersed in deep contemplation looking inside the painting rather than at it. When creating her art, Diane believes that her paintbrush is an instrument that helps to reshape the natural world from her point of view. 


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